The WeSeed Project

Crypto for Food

Welcome to The WeSeed Project, where we empower underserved communities to take action and embrace the power of crypto and blockchain technologies. Here, we seek to create a more sustainable solution for food security, besides mutual aid.

At The WeSeed Project, we understand that the adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies can be intimidating and trust can be a barrier. That’s why we focus on teaching people about crypto with an emphasis on safety and security. We want to ensure that everyone is comfortable and understands these technologies’ potential before taking the leap.

We also offer education on regenerative action, so that members of underserved communities can take matters into their own hands and make a real difference.

We invite you to join us and become part of the WeSeed Project. Together, we can make a lasting impact on food security and create a more sustainable future for all.



What is the WeSeed Project?

 The WeSeed Project is a progressive tech initiative that aims to bridge social inequalities and empower underserved communities through education and training in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. By providing access to these cutting-edge technologies, the WeSeed Project helps individuals and communities participate in regenerative microeconomies and create long-term systemic change.

How can I get involved with The WeSeed Project?

 There are several ways to get involved with the WeSeed Project, including participating in online training programs or virtual conferences, volunteering at community outreach events, or donating to support the project’s efforts on Gitcoin or Open Collective.  Follow the WeSeed Project on social media to learn more.

Who is leading The WeSeed Project?

Contessa Louise is the lead staff person for the WeSeed Project. She is an expert in using blockchain technology for social good and is passionate about empowering underserved communities through education and training in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.


3 Ways Blockchain Can Promote Food Justice

3 Ways Blockchain Can Promote Food Justice

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